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425 DX News #1606

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12 February 2022                                          A.R.I. DX Bulletin 
                                   No 1606 

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S *** 
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  **** 
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH 
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW 

5H     - Borut, S53BV is active holiday style as 5H3BV from Shamiani  (Kiwe- 
         ni), a satellite island of Pemba's (AF-063) on  10-24 February.  He 
         operates low power CW and SSB on 40-15m. QSL direct to home call. 
7Q     - Starting on 15 February, Don, K6ZO expects to be QRV again as  7Q6M 
         in his spare time while working at the  Embangweni Mission Hospital 
         in Malawi. Activity will include the ARRL DX CW Contest (19-20 Feb- 
         ruary),  the CQ WW 160 Meter SSB Contest (25-27 February), and  the 
         ARRL DX SSB Contest (5-6 March). QSL direct to home call.  [TNX The 
         Daily DX] 
BY     - BY1CRA/WO22 is the special event station for the Beijing 2022  Win- 
         ter Olympic and Paralympic Games. It will be active  until 13 March 
         on 160-10 metres CW, SSB and FT8.  QSL via Club Log's OQRS.  A cer- 
         tificate will be available;  see https://www.qrz.com/db/by1cra/wo22 
         for the details. 
CT8    - Henning, OZ2I will be active as CQ8EE from  Sao Miguel Island  (EU- 
         003), Azores  during  the ARRL DX CW Contest (19-20 February)  "and 
         maybe a day or  two more".  QSL via Club Log's OQRS,  LoTW,  or via 
D4     - Oliver, DJ5QW will be active again as  D4CW and D44DX from  Sal Is- 
         land (AF-086), Cape Verde from  19 February to 2 March.  He will be 
         QRV on Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), as well as on 80-10m CW and SSB. 
         QSL via DJ5QW, bureau preferred. 
F      - The Radioamateurs de Lot-et-Garonne  will operate  special callsign 
         TM6CXJ from 26 February to 6 March, and again on 1-6 June to honour 
         the memory of their friend  Pierre Marge, F6CXJ, who passed away on 
         28 January 2021. QSL via LoTW (preferred), or via F2FZ. 
         Also activated in remembrance of Silent Keys are  TM3ZZ  (in memory 
         of Michel Pelhate, F3ZZ) during a few weekends between  26 February 
         and 3 July, and  TM9AP  (in memory of Andre Pettelat, F9AP)  during 
         five  weekends  between  12 February and  20 March.  QSL TM3ZZ  via 
         F4HIK; QSL TM9AP via F6GYH. 
G      - GB1002MT is the special callsign  for the  Chelmsford Amateur Radio 
         Society to commemorate through February  the centenary of 2MT,  the 
         first  British radio station  to make regular  entertainment broad- 
         casts (14 February 1922). QSL via LoTW and eQSL, no paper QSLs. 
I      - Celebrating  World Radio Day, ARI Torino  will set up  a station at 
         RAI Radio and Television Museum  ( https://www.rai.it/museoradiotv/) 
         and be QRV as IQ1TO between 10 and 18 UTC on 12-13 February. 
OE     - Celebrating World Radio Day, the  VIC Amateur Radio Contest DX Club 
         (4U1A, https://4u1a.club/) is expected to be active as 4UNR on  13- 
         28 February. This activity counts for Austria for DXCC, and for the 
         Vienna International Centre  for the  CQ DX Marathon.  QSL via Club 
         Log's OQRS, or via UA3DX. 
PA     - Established on 6 May 1947, VERON's section of Mid and North Limburg 
         is celebrating its 75th anniversary during 2022  with special call-
         sign PI75LIM. QSL via the bureau or direct to PE1NCP. 
PA     - Scout  station  PB22BP  (the suffix stands  for  Baden-Powell,  the 
         founder of the Scout and Guide movements) will be active  on  18-28 
         February, including Thinking Day On The Air. QSL via PA3EFR. 
PJ2    - Andy, W9NJY will be active as  PJ2/W9NJY from  Curacao (SA-099)  on 
         16-21 February.  He will participate in the  ARRL DX CW Contest  as 
         PJ2T (Multi-Multi);  outside the contest he will operate CW  mainly 
         on 30, 17 and 12 metres.  QSL PJ2/W9NJY via LoTW,  Club Log's OQRS, 
         or via WD9DZV; QSL PJ2T via LoTW or W3HNK. [TNX The Daily DX] 
SP     - 3Z200IL is the special callsign for  radio club SP8KJX  to commemo- 
         rate the 200th anniversary  since the birth of  Ignacy Lukasiewicz, 
         an oil industry pioneer whose many achievements included the inven- 
         tion of the modern kerosene lamp. Look for activity  through 29 De- 
         cember on 160-10 metres SSB and digital modes. QSL via the bureau. 
UR_ant - In his spare time, Sergiy, UT9UX  will be active as  EM1U  from the 
         Ukrainian Antarctic Station "Akademik Vernadsky" on Galindez Island 
         (AN-006), Antarctica until around mid-April. QSL via UT7UA. [TNX DX 
V3     - Walt, W0CP as V31DJ (CW) and his wife Mary, K0ZV as V31DK (SSB) are 
         active from Placencia, Belize from  8 February until 4 March.  QSLs 
         via LoTW, Club Log's OQRS, or via home calls. [TNX The Daily DX] 
V3     - Robert K5PI  (V31AT,  QSL via LoTW  and  home call),  Madison  W5MJ 
         (V31IT, QSL via M0URX's OQRS), John WC0W (V31TP, QSL via home call) 
         and Keith VE7KW (V31WK) - as well as Karl AD0KH, Nancie NM0C, Leigh 
         WC0T and Steve WW0G - will be active from Cahal Pech, Belize on 15- 
         22 February. They will participate in the ARRL DX CW Contest as V3T 
         (QSL via LoTW and WC0W;  outside the contest  they will be  QRV  on 
         160-10 metres mainly CW. [TNX The Daily DX] 
V7     - Jeff "JT", KD7ADI has been on Kwajalein (OC-028),  Marshall Islands 
         since 5 January,  and will be stationed there  "for the foreseeable 
         future". In his spare time he is QRV as  V7/KD7ADI.  He uploads his 
         log to LoTW and Club Log. 
W      - W7P  is the  callsign  for the  Northern Arizona DX Association  to 
         conduct a 10-year special event countdown to the  100th anniversary 
         of the discovery of Pluto by  Clyde Tombaugh at  Lowell Observatory 
         in Flagstaff, Arizona  (18 February 1930).  The inaugural event was 
         held on 13-21 February 2021;  this year's  Pluto Anniversary Count- 
         down will run on 12-20 February. Also, Doug Tombaugh (N3PDT), Clyde 
         Tombaugh's nephew, will be operating during the event as W7P/0. QSL 
         direct, see https://www.nadxa.com/w7p_pluto_2030.html  for informa- 
W      - Bodo, DF8DX will be active again as KT3Q/4 from  Cedar Key (NA-076) 
         and Santa Rosa Island (NA-142) between 21 and 23 February, and from 
         Key Biscayne (NA-141) on 1-4 March.  On 18-20 and 24-28 February he 
         will be signing KT3Q from Florida (ARRL DX CW Contest) and Alabama, 
         respectively.  QSL via  Club Log's OQRS (preferred),  LoTW,  or via 
YB     - Special event station 8C9MGP will be active from Lombok Island (OC- 
         150), Indonesia on  19-21 February, and again on  11-13 March.  QSL 
         direct to HA3JB (OQRS on http://www.ha3jb.com/oqrs.html). 
ZF     - Bob, K4UEE (ZF2UE), Bill, W5SJ (ZF2EZ) and Stan, K5GO (ZF9CW)  will 
         participate in the ARRL DX CW Contest (19-20 February) as ZF5T from 
         the Cayman Islands (NA-016). Before the contest they will be active 
         with their own ZF callsigns. 

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S *** 
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... **** 
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH 
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW 

Access to the main functions of www.425dxn.org is provided by the 425DXN App 
for Android. It is available on Google Play - free of charge, no ads. Enjoy! 

3Y0J: LATEST NEWS ---> "Today we can confirm that the departure date for the 
3Y0J DXpedition will be 6 January 2023",  the team announced on  8 February. 
"We can confirm the scheduled duration of the DXpedition is 44 days and that 
we have reserved  a week additional contingency  at the end  giving us  more 
flexibility.  We have contracted 22 days at  Bouvet Island,  and it means we 
will spend more than 3 weeks at Bouvet.  As we have the flexibility to still 
decide the port of departure Ushuaia or Port Stanley this will be done at a 
later stage". 
In order to achieve the goal of 200,000 QSOs  from Bouvet,  3Y0J will deploy 
twelve stations (eight CW/SSB stations and four FT8 stations),  which can be 
run simultaneously during peak time.  "We plan for  minimum downtime  on the 
radios", the team says,  "and to achieve this we will setup the  4 FT8  sta- 
tions to run 24/7, so that these can either be run by one operator separate- 
ly or be run by any other operator in a simplified SO2R setup.  This will be 
done so that  each operator  can log into the FT8 machine  from his operator 
position and run CW/SSB and FT8 simultaneously.  Running several radios by a 
single operator this way has shown to be very efficient". 
A DXpedition to Bouvet is  "a huge undertaking financially and it would sim- 
ply not be possible without the support from the vendors  and  our sponsors. 
If you want to have the opportunity to work the rare #2 DXCC  Bouvet Island, 
please consider supporting us by donating upfront".  Read the complete Press 
Release #8 on the DXpedition's website: https://www.3y0j.no/. 
Also, Ken, LA7GIA emphasizes that the DXpedition will have "a pronounced fo- 
cus on human modes", and that "there will be no FT8 robots running unattend- 
ed at Bouvet, all FT8 QSOs will be initiated by a human operator clicking on 
the deserving callers". 

ARRL DIGITAL CONTEST ---> The ARRL International Digital Contest  will debut 
at 18 UTC UTC on 4 June,  ending at 23.59 UTC on 6 June.  All non-RTTY modes 
are permitted.  The event will take place on 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 and 6m, 
with  single-operator and multi-single entry categories. TX power categories 
will be  QRP (5 watts or less)  and  low-power (maximum 100 watts).  The ex- 
change will be  a station's  four-character  grid square.  Stations may work 
each other once per band, regardless of digital mode. Participants will earn 
1 point for each contact, plus 1 point for each 500 kilometers  between sta- 
tions. The total score is total contact points. Complete details on this new 
operating event are on http://arrl.org/arrl-digital-contest. 

LIGHTHOUSE WEEKEND ---> The 14th  American Lighthouses Weekend  will be held 
on 18-20  February.  Details, including a listing of participating stations, 
can be found on http://www.grupodxbb.com.ar/. 

+ SILENT KEY + Bob Bruninga, WB4APR passed away on  7 February,  aged 73.  A 
retired senior research engineer at the United States Naval Academy,  he was 
the inventor of the Automatic Packet Reporting System ( http://www.aprs.org/) 
and published the APRS paper at the ARRL 11th Computer Networking Conference 
in 1992. He also had "an abiding interest in alternative power sources", the 
ARRL recalls, and he authored  'Energy Choices for the Radio Amateur',  pub- 
lished by ARRL in 2018,  "which explores  developing changes  in the area of 
power and energy,  and examines  the choices radio amateurs  and  others can 
make regarding  home solar power, heat pumps,  and hybrid and electric vehi- 
Also reported SK is Jim Elliott, KA3UNQ, who passed away on 1 February  aged 
78.  First licenced in 1989,  he enjoyed island activating  along  the  East 
Coast for both IOTA  and the  US-Island Award  programmes,  but for the past 
twenty years his  primary  operating interest  was the activation of  light- 
houses for the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society. 

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S *** 
                         ******* QSL  ROUTES ******* 
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH 
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW 

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER 
4A5E        EA5ZD       GM3X        GM3POI      PI75LIM     PE1NCP 
4L2M        EA7FTR      GM6DX       M0OXO       PJ2T        W3HNK 
4L9M        R3XA        H94IE       HP1MRA      PY2ZEA      OH2MM 
4M1W        EB7DX       HC1BI       NE8Z        PY5EG       K3IRV 
4U13FEB     9A2AA       HC2AO       RC5A        PZ5KV       DL6KVA 
4U1A        UA3DX       HC5AI       HC5VF       R135YWI     RZ4Z 
4X2M        4X4DZ       HC5DX       W3HNK       S79/4X6TT   N4GNR 
4X6TT       N4GNR       HC5LM       HC5VF       SN100PSK    SQ8JLU 
5B4AQC      DK6SP       HC6CR       EC5R        TF3T        TF3MH 
5V7JA       KB9IJI      HF40MRD     SP8MRD      TI5/N3KS    M0URX 
5Z4BU       EA5GL       HG1222BA    HA4KYB      TI5CDA      EA5GL 
5Z4PA       M0URX       HG8DX       HA8FT       TM19AAW     F8DVD 
6Y5HM       EA5GL       HK7AAG      EA5GL       TM20KFZ     F4FCE 
7Z3FD       HZ1SAR      HZ1HZ       N7RO        TM2Y        F6BEE 
8P9AN       CX3AN       HZ3FD       HZ1SAR      TM3ZZ       F4HIK 
8Z3FD       HZ1SAR      IA0/IZ1KHY  I1URL       TM55M       F4ESV 
9A0BB       9A3JB       II2IDT      I2YSB       TM5G        F8TRL 
9A5ZTT      NX4TT       II8CAP      IC8ATA      TM5W        F4KLW 
9K9NLD      EC6DX       IQ6JU       IK6QON      TU5PCT      OK6DJ 
9V1ZV       EA5GL       J72IMS      EC6DX       UP0L        DL8KAC 
A41NN       A61BK       JY4CI       K2AX        UP4L        UN7LZ 
A60EXPO/2   EA7FTR      JY5MM       IK2DUW      UP7L        UN6LN 
A60HF       EA7FTR      KL7SB       N4GNR       UR9IDX      EA5EL 
A60HF/2     EA7FTR      KP2AD       OK1TN       V31DJ       W0CP 
A91SD       EC6DX       KP3G        EB7DX       V31MA       M0OXO 
AP2IN       IK2DUW      KP3V        EA5GL       V51WH       DK2WH 
C4W         5B4WN       KP4JOC      RW6HS       VA2EBI      W1EBI 
CE4SES      EA5KB       LC0X        LB3RE       VE2CSI      M0URX 
CM2XN       EB7DX       LX5MF       LX1KQ       VP8ADR      M0OXO 
CR3W        DL5AXX      LZ150GD     LZ1XM       VP8BTR      M0OXO 
CT9ABP      OM3BH       LZ1GLASS    LZ1KAK      VP9HE       W2AF 
DL0MFL      DL2JRM      LZ251MA     LZ1KCP      VY2ZM       EA7HBC 
E730RS      E73E        LZ60KFZ     LZ1KFZ      XV9NPS      JA2NPS  
E7CW        E73ESP      MU5E        GU4YOX      XV9NPS      JA2ODB [d] 
EL2EF       N2OO        OD5ET       EB7DX       YB0AZ       W4JS 
EM1U        UT7UA       OD5KU       EB7DX       YB0JVZ      EB7DX 
EP2ABS      RW6HS       OD5SK       IZ8CLM      YB1DNF      EB7DX 
EP5CZD      RW6HS       OH0Z        W0MM        YE1AR/2     N2OO 
EX0DX       HB9DUR      OL15SOTA    OK1CYC      YI1WWA      IK2DUW 
EX2V        RW6HS       OL5GMA/p    OK3EQ       YJ8RN       NZ4DX 
EY8MM       W0VTT       ON4BFS      ON4LDR      YR8D        YO8KRR 
FK8GU       EA5GL       OX50HRH     OZ1ACB      Z21A        DJ6TF 
FM1HN       W3HNK       OZ50HRH     OZ1ACB      Z22O        DJ6TF 
FM5BH       W3HNK       P3AA        RW3RN       ZL1FOC      ZL3CW 
FM5DN       KU9C        PA75DXCC    PA0ABM      ZP4KFX      IK2DUW 
FR4PJ       EB7DX       PA75UBA     PA2TMS      ZP5DA       EB7DX 
GM2V        N3SL        PF88ANT     PA0RDY      ZP6/N3BNA   KA2AEV 

5H3BV    Borut Vrviscar, Zapuze 6, 4275 Begunje, Slovenia 
8Q7AH    Horacio Enrique Ledo, Manzanares 4586, Piso 2 Dpto. 4, C1430AFH, 
         Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina 
AO8WRD   Federacion Digital EA, Apartado Postal 3050, 08200 Sabadell 
         (Barcelona), Spain 
E7DX     Boris Knezovic, P.O. Box 59, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 
FR4KR    Francois Barbier, 5 bis La Marrerie, 50500 St Andre de Bohon, 
GB8BAF   Bill Tinnion, 3 Brayton Road, Aspatria, Wigton, CA7 3DJ, 
         United Kingdom 
HC5VF    Fausto Vintimilla, 3 Ekes Ct, Sussex NJ 07461, USA 
HP1MRA   Roberto Arauz Munoz, Apartado Postal 0816-05263, Panama, 
         Republic of Panama 
KH7A     Akito Nagi, P.O. Box 88, Tokushima, 770-8691, Japan 
OK6DJ    David Beran, Dolni Kamenice 55, 34562 Holysov, Czech Republic 
OX3LX    Joergen Roemming, Brandelev Stationsvej 9, 4700 Naestved, Denmark 
TM6M     Stephane Van Langhenhoven, 24 bis rue de Anter Hent, 
         29830 Ploudalmezeau, France 
TR8CA    Jean Charron, 19 rue Gabriel Moussa, 33320 Eysines, France 
V47UM    William H. Rogers, 38 Arundel Rd, Annapolis MD 21401, USA 
ZT1T     Tom Morgan, 58 Piet Retief Street, Robertson, 6705, South Africa 


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