425 DX News #1630

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425 DX News #1630

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30 July 2022                                              A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1630

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3B9    - 3B8BAN, 3B8CF, 3B8FA, 3B8FV, 3B8GF and  3B8GL  will  be  active  as
         3B9BAN, 3B9CF, 3B9FA, 3B9FV, 3B9GF and  3B9GL from Rodrigues Island
         (AF-017) on 5-9 August.  They will have three QO-100 satellite sta-
         tions; in addition, they will be QRV also on the  HF bands  (mainly
5W     - Pista HA5AO,  George HA5UK and  Paul W7IV will be active  as  5W0DX
         from Savai'i, Samoa (OC-097) sometime in  February 2023.  They will
         operate CW, SSB, RTTY, FT8 on 80-10 metres with three stations. See
         https://www.ha5ao.com/index.php/dxpedit ... samoa-2023    for
         more information and updates.  QSL via HA5AO's OQRS,  or direct  to
         HA5AO;  the complete  log will be uploaded to LoTW six months after
         the  operation. [TNX HA5AO]
9A     - Several special callsigns  will be used by the participants  in the
         YOTA Summer Camp 2022 hosted by the Croatian Amateur Radio Associa-
         tion on 6-13 August:
         9A22YOTA used for the entire week from the camp premises
         9A100QO  used on QO-100 satellite for the entire week from multiple
         9A1YOTA  used remotely from 9A1TT's station (6-13 August)
         9A2YOTA  used from Krk Island, IOTA EU-136 (8 August)
         9A3YOTA  used from the Sljeme mountain peak (10 August)
         9A4YOTA  used from the Medvednica Nature Park (10 August)
         9A5YOTA  used from the Dubovac Castle (12 August)
         A number of certificates will be available:
A3     - Masa, JA0RQV was unable to get  on the air during  his recent visit
         to Niuatoputapu (OC-191), but has been QRV as A35JP from Nuku'alofa
         on  Tongatapu  (OC-049)  since  22 July,  one  month  earlier  than
         expected. He will remain there until the end of September.  QSL via
         LoTW, Club Log's OQRS, or via the bureau to JA0RQV.
F      - TM78DP is a  special callsign  to be aired on  6-20 August  for the
         78th anniversary  of  the  "Derbarquement de Provence",  the  beach
         landings in Provence during World War II (15 August 1944).  It will
         be operated by members of the Radio Club du Val d'Issole (F8KGH) on
         80-6 metres CW, SSB and  digital modes. QSL via F4GPB.
GU     - GB5VAS  is  the  callsign  for the  special event station  that the
         Guernsey Amateur Radio Society will be operating from the ground of
         the Vintage Agricultural Show on 6-7 August. QSL via GU3HFN.
SP     - Members of the Pomeranian Local Branch of PZK  will operate special
         callsigns SN200R, SN200O, SN200Z, SN200E, SN200W, SN200I and SP200E
         on 1-31 August for the 200th anniversary of Rozewie Lighthouse. Ad-
         ditionally, special stations 3Z200LHR and 3Z25ILLW will participate
         in the International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend on  20-21 August.
         A certificate will be available: https://ot9.pzk.org.pl/200lhr.php.
TI     - Special event station TI1FIFA will be active in August for the FIFA
         U-20 Women's World Cup, the biennial international women's football
         (soccer) championship contested by the  under-20 national teams  of
         the  Federation Internationale de  Football Association's  members.
         This year's tournament  will be hosted by  Costa Rica  on 10-28 Au-
         gust.  Expect activity on  40, 20, 15, 10 and 2 metres SSB and FT8.
         QSL via LoTW.
VP8    - Jonathan, 2E0KZN  is  now  stationed  at the  Royal Air Force (RAF)
         Mount Pleasant Complex,  Falkland Islands (SA-002)  until early No-
         vember. Whilst there he will be QRV as VP8TAA  with a focus on SOTA
         activations (VP8TAA/p). QSL via M0OXO's OQRS.

IOTA CONTEST ---> The IOTA Contest will be held on  30-31 July  (12.00-12.00
UTC) on 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10m CW and/or SSB.  Complete details can be found
on the RSGB Contest Committee's website:
The following stations are expected to be active during  the contest weekend
from qualifying islands.  For latest additions please give a look at the an-
nounced operations list maintained by Bill, NG3K:

Ref.No.     Call/Ops    Island               QSL VIA    
AF-014      CT9/OM2FY   Madeira              OM2FY      
AF-014      CT9/OM2ZZ   Madeira              OM2FY      
AF-018      IH9YMC      Pantelleria          LoTW       
AF-086      D4Z         Sao Vicente          LoTW       
AS-006      VR2UNG      Hong Kong Island     LoTW       
AS-019      9V1IOTA     Hantu                           
AS-079      JI3DST/6    Miyako               LoTW       
AS-099      TA3J/0      Yassica              LoTW/TA3J  
AS-103      BP0A        Penghu               BP0A       
AS-117      JA4GXS/4    Kasado               JA4GXS     
AS-125      HS7AP/p     Chang                E21IZC     
AS-150      BY4JN       Lingshan             BG4OP      
AS-206      JO1CRA/7    Oshima               JO1CRA     
EU-001      SX5P        Rhodes               LoTW/SV5FRD
EU-002      OH0R        Brando               OH2PM      
EU-006      EI/ON6QR    Aran                 ON6QR      
EU-008      GM2T        Tiree                LoTW       
EU-008      GM7A        Skye                 LoTW       
EU-010      GM0WAT      Lewis & Harris                  
EU-010      GM7V        Benbecula            N3SL       
EU-013      GJ2A        Jersey               LoTW       
EU-013      MJ0X/p      Jersey               M0RTI      
EU-018      OY1CT       Streymoy             LoTW       
EU-024      IS0/ED3Z    Sardinia             EA3ICJ     
EU-024      IS0/IK1TTD  Sardinia             IK1TTD     
EU-024      IS0SWW      Sardinia             IS0SWW     
EU-025      IR9K        Sicily               IT9DSZ     
EU-025      IT9VYO      Sicily               LoTW       
EU-028      IA5/OM6NM   Elba                 OM2FY      
EU-029      5Q2J        Sjaelland            5Q2J       
EU-029      OZ2PBS      Sjaelland            OZ2PBS     
EU-029      OZ3SM       Sjaelland            LoTW/OZ3SM 
EU-032      TM5OL       Oleron               LoTW/F6AJA 
EU-033      LA/SP7VC    Andoya               LoTW       
EU-036      LA9VBA      Frei                 LA9VBA     
EU-042      DG5LAC/p    Hallig Hooge         LoTW/DG5LAC
EU-045      IB0V        Ventotene            IU3EDK     
EU-052      SV8/DH5FS   Corfu                DH5FS      
EU-053      OJ0DX       Market Reef          DL3DXX     
EU-054      IF9A        Favignana            IT9ATF     
EU-057      DK3R        Ruegen               DL1KZA     
EU-057      DL5KUD      Ruegen               Club Log   
EU-062      LC1R        Oksningan              -        
EU-065      TM65M       Molene               F5RAB      
EU-075      SV8GGI      Salamina             LoTW       
EU-105      F4FLQ/p     Batz                 LoTW       
EU-113      SX8EL       Elafonisos           SZ3BCE     
EU-114      GU0VJG/p    Sark                 G0VJG      
EU-114      MU5E        Guernsey             LoTW       
EU-116      GD2NV       Man                    -        
EU-116      MD7C        Man                  M0OXO      
EU-120      G4ALE/p     Wight                G4ALE      
EU-120      G5XV        Wight                M0OXO      
EU-121      EJ1E        Bere                 LoTW       
EU-121      EJ3Z        Inishbofin           LoTW       
EU-121      EJ7EE       Bere                 LoTW/OZ2I  
EU-122      MN5A        Rathlin              LoTW       
EU-123      MM/DH8BQA   Arran                DH8BQA     
EU-123      MM1E        Great Cumbrae        LoTW       
EU-124      GW0MFR      Flatholm             LoTW       
EU-129      DA2W/p      Usedom               DA2W       
EU-129      DK1A/p      Usedom               Club Log   
EU-130      II3Y        S. Maria di Barbana  M0OXO      
EU-130      IL3G        Grado                           
EU-130      IQ3AZ/p     La Schiusa           IQ3AZ      
EU-131      IQ3ME/p     Lido                 LoTW/IQ3ME 
EU-132      3Z5LA/1     Wolin                4Z5LA      
EU-132      SN0RX       Wolin                SP8BXL     
EU-136      9A/DM6EE    Rab                  LotW       
EU-136      9A4KJ       Rab                  9A4KJ      
EU-146      PA/ON6EF/p  Goeree-Overflakkee   ON6EF      
EU-146      PB2T        Schouwen-Duiveland   PB2T       
EU-146      PI4AMF/p    Schouwen-Duiveland   PA3EYC     
EU-171      OZ11A       Vendsyssel-Thy       OZ6ABA     
EU-171      OZ1KZX      Vendsyssel-Thy       OZ1KZX     
EU-172      5Q5CW       Hjarnoe              LoTW/DL5CW 
EU-181      LZ0KP       Sveti Ivan           SV2CLJ     
NA-008      VY0ERC      Ellesmere            M0OXO      
NA-026      KD2RD       Long                            
NA-031      W1WBB       Aquidneck                       
NA-058      KU8E        Jeckyll              LoTW/KU8E  
NA-067      W4KAZ       Great                W4KAZ      
NA-070      KL7RRC      Kiska                N7RO       
NA-106      NP2X        St. Croix            KU9C       
NA-128      VX2I        Coudres              LoTW/F5JYD 
NA-137      K1IMI       Bailey               N4CW       
NA-142      N9EAJ/p     Okaloosa             N9EAJ      
OC-019      KH7Q        Hawaii               LoTW/AH6NF 
OC-021      YB0ECT      Java                 W2FB       
OC-047      H44MS       Guadalcanal          DL2GAC     
OC-129      DX7EVM      Capitancillo [TBC]   DX7EVM     
OC-139      VK5KI       Kangaroo             M0OXO      
OC-165      9M8RC       Satang Besar         9W8KIF     
SA-047      ZV5O        Mel                  PY5ZD      

As announced by the  RSGB on  4 March 2022,  "until further notice, all logs
received from stations in the Russian Federation or Belarus  will be treated
as check logs.  In order not  to oblige our entrants to make QSOs with Russ-
ian Federation or Belarus stations,  to make a competitive score,  QSOs with
Russian Federation and Belarussian stations  will not accumulate  QSO points
or IOTA multipliers in the IOTA Contest".

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ******* QSL  ROUTES *******
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3B8CW       N4GNR       EP5CHD      RW6HS       R105PK      RN3YN
3B8FP       N2OO        ES5TTT      N4GNR       R3RRC/1     RZ3EC
3W3B        E21EIC      FG8OJ       M0OXO       RD20LH      RZ3EC
5E5R        CN8YZ       FK8HA       K3IRV       RI0IR       RZ3EC
5Q5CW       DL5CW       GB22GD      M0OXO       RI0QQ       R7AA
5R8AL       G3SWH       GB22GE      M0OXO       RI1KO       R1BET
5X4E        IQ3CO    GB22GI      M0OXO       RZ20LH      RZ3EC
5X4E        IZ3ZLG [d]  GB22GJ      M0OXO       S79VU       N4GNR
5Z4PA       M0URX       GB22GM      M0OXO       SD7V/2      DL2VFR
6E0B        XE1EE       GB22GU      M0OXO       SJ7SOP      SM7VRZ
6E0C        XE1EE       GB22GW      M0OXO       SN100PSK    SQ8JLU
6E0J        XE1EE       GB22HQ      M0OXO       SU9VB       UA4WHX
6E0L        XE1EE       HC1E        EC6DX       SV0XAF      HB9EBC
6E0T        XE1EE       HC1HC       NE8Z        SX14ASTRO   SZ1A
6E0TL       XE1EE       HC2AO       RC5A        SZ2RCK      SV2BXZ
6W1TG       EA4R        HC2EP       EA7FTR      TF3T        TF3MH
7Q7JN       EA5GL       HC3RJ       EC5R        TG9ADM      EA5GL
7X2DE       EA5GL       HC5DX       N4GNR       TK4QL       EA5GL
7X2TT       EA5GL       HC5EG       EA5GL       TM100UNOR   F8KHG
7Z1LR       EA7FTR      HC7AE/1     EA5GL       TM11AD      F4KKE
9J2BO       EA5GL       HI3A        EB7DX       TM17MGF     F5KLJ
9J2BS       EA5GL       HI3T        K7BV        TM400MO     F4DTO
A25SL       N4GNR       HI8J        RW6HS       TM65M       F5RAB
A35JP       JA0RQV      HK3C        M0URX       V31CO       W0YBS
A41DX       M0OXO       HK3JCL      DK8LRF      V31MA       M0OXO
A71VV       M0OXO       HS0ZJF      ON4AFU      VE3KTB/VY0  M0OXO
AM330DVP    EA3DVP      HS0ZNP      IW1PQI      VE9IU       KI1U
AM630VQ     EA6VQ       HZ1CPCF     HZ1SAR      VK0MQ       M0OXO
AP2IN       IK2DUW      KL7J        N3SL        VK8NSB      M0URX
AP2SD       EA5ZD       KP2AD       OK1TN       VP8ADR      M0OXO
BX0QSL      BM2JCC      LB5GI       M0OXO       VP8TAA      M0OXO
C31CT       EA3QS       LZ01MLN     LZ1PM       VP9HE       KN3X
CN23DEM     CN8DEM      NP2J        K8RF        VP9IN       EC6DX
CN23ZG      CN8ZG       OD5KU       EB7DX       XE3N        EA5GL
CN8SG       EA7FTR      OE25MFCA    OE6XMF      XV9IWX      HS1IWX
CP6CL       M0OXO       OH0JV       DL7RV       YB0AR       EB7DX
CT9ABY      OM2FY       OH2IPA      OH4MDY      YB0AZ       W4JS 
DL22PEACE   DF8RJ       OJ0DX       DL3DXX      YC9WH       EA5GL
E51RMP      ZL4TE       OK8MA/P     SP9MA       YI1WWA      IK2DUW
EA6/EA3HSO  N4GNR       PI4COM      PA1AW       YN2RP       NN3RP
EG1FAG      EA1JAY      PJ2MAN      EC5AHA      Z6/EI5HTB   IZ3GNG
EG1FDC      EA1URG      PJ4DX       M0URX       ZF1EJ       K6AM
EG7RPM      EA7RCM      PJ4EVA      M0URX       ZF2RM       K3TRM
EI0TAC      EI9FVB      PJ4KY       M0URX       ZP9MCE      EA5ZD
EL2DT       N2OO        PJ4MM       M0URX       ZS6CCY      K3IRV

6O1OO      Ali Solhjoo, Freienwalderstr. 35, 13359 Berlin, Germany
9M59SD     Keith Kong, 32 Taman Liong Seng, 93200 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
AM30FEDIEA Federacion Digital EA, Apartado Postal 3050, 08200 Sabadell
           (Barcelona), Spain
C6ADX      Joe Pater, 2419 Pierson Rd., Oxford OH 45056, USA
CE7VP      Javier Capdebilla Alvarado, Casilla 42, Sucursal Quellon, 
           5799001 Quellon, Chile
FY5KE      Jacques Mazzoni, 678 route de l'Egalite, 74290 Talloires Montmin,
K7K        Richard J. Moen, 2935 Plymouth Dr, Bellingham WA 98225, USA
KH0W       Thomas M. Callas, P.O. Box 1058, Minnetonka MN 55345, USA
LX22RAZ    LARU, B.P. 85, L-9201 Diekirch, Luxembourg
OA1F       Elena P. Moran, Rua do Codesal 5-3 Dcha, 15405 Ferrol (A Coruna),
OX3XR      Harry de Jong, Broekdijk 59, 7695 TC Bruchterveld, Netherlands
PZ2YT      Yudel Torres, C Van Dalstraat 221, Nieuw Nickerie, Suriname
TI2CC      Carlos Paez, SJO 169221, P.O. Box 025331, Miami FL 33102, USA
V73MS      Michael Stewart, PSC 702 Box 8164, APO AP 96557, USA
V84SPU     P.O. Box 849, MPC Old Airport, Bandar Seri Begawan BB3577,
           Brunei Darussalam
VK9DX      Nick Hacko, Suite 403 Level 4, Culwulla Chambers, 67 Castlereagh
           St, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
VX2I       Bruno Filippi, 14 rue Paul Louis Courier, 51000 Chalons en
           Champagne, France
W9IMS      Indianapolis Motor Speedway Amateur Radio Club, P.O. Box 30954,
           Indianapolis IN 46230, USA
YV7PMG     Pedro M. Gonzalez G., C/ Aurora, San Sebastian, Tacarigua 6323,
           Estado Nueva Esparta, Venezuela
ZF2OO      Jim Millner, 7010 Gullotti Place, Port Saint Lucie, FL 34952, USA
ZF5T       Stanford H. Stockton, PO Box 73, Siloam Springs AR 72761-0073,


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