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425 DX News #1647

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26 November 2022                                          A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1647

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

5H     - Ferdy, HB9DSP will be active holiday style as  5H3FM from  Zanzibar
         Island (AF-032), Tanzania from 25 November to 13 December.  He will
         operate  SSB  and  some FT8  on 20, 15 and 10 metres.  QSL via LoTW
         (preferred), or via home call (direct or bureau).
5W     - Sigfrido, HB9FFN (IW9FMD), an agronomist who works for the Food and
         Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO),  is now based
         in Apia, Samoa (OC-097)  for the  foreseeable future.  In his spare
         time he is QRV as 5W0RS on 40, 20 and 10 metres SSB.  QSL direct to
         IT9VYO.  Over  the  years  Sigfrido operated  from  Malawi (7Q7RS),
         Tanzania (5H0RS), Afghanistan (T6AB),  and more recently from South
         Sudan (Z81S).
8Q     - Sergey, RX3APM  will be active  again as  8Q7BB  from  the Maldives
         (AS-013) on 4-17 December.  He will be QRV on 80-10m,  and plans to
         participate in the ARRL 10-Meter Contest (10-11 December).  QSL via
         home call. [TNX DX World]
9M2    - Rich, PA0RRS will be active again as 9M2MRS from Penang Island (AS-
         015), West Malaysia from 1 January until 29 March.  He will operate
         CW (most of the time "no split")  and digital modes  (RTTY, FT8 and
         FT4) on 40-10m.  On FT8, he says, if there are too many callers  he
         will switch to F/H on 7056,  10131,  14084,  18095,  21084,  24911,
         28091 kHz.  QSL via  Club Log's  OQRS  (preferred),  LoTW,  or  via
         PA0RRS. [TNX PA0RRS]
CN     - Special station CN22JIM will be active on 5-18 December  from Imlil
         in the High Atlas mountain range of Morocco.  The callsign's suffix
         stands  for  Journee  Internationale de la Montagne  (International
         Mountain Day). QSL via RW6HS.
DX0    - Owing to recent  "security issues",  the  DX0NE DXpedition  to  the
         Spratly Islands [425DXN 1646] has been cancelled. Hopefully it will
         be rescheduled sometime  "during the first half of 2023".  [TNX The
         Daily DX]
EA     - Celebrating  Christmas,  the HamRadioDX group  will  be  active  as
         EG3HAM on  1-25 December,  with certificates,  "cash prizes" and  a
         Christmas Draw  (see  qrz.com for  complete information).  Activity
         will be on 80-10 metres CW, SSB and FT8.
F      - TM35FIST is the special callsign for  Jean, F6JOE  to celebrate the
         35th anniversary of the FISTS CW Club  (International Morse Preser-
         vation Society)  on 5-11 December. Previous activities were on 2-15
         May and 7-13 November. The Club  (https://fists.co.uk/) was founded
         in 1987  by the late  George Longden (G3ZQS),  after recognising  a
         need for a club  in which  veteran operators  would help  newcomers
         and  less experienced operators  learn and improve  CW proficiency.
         QSL via F6JOE.
F      - Michel, F8GGZ and Serge F6HFI will be active as  TM200LP  on  10-21
         and 27-29 December to commemorate the  200th anniversary  since the
         birth  of  Louis Pasteur  (27 December 1822),  the French scientist
         renowned  for  his  discoveries of the  principles of  vaccination,
         microbial fermentation, and pasteurization.  QSL via F8GGZ  (bureau
I      - Bruno, IK1VHX will be active as  II1MM  between  1 and 31 December.
         The  special callsign  memorializes  the  150th anniversary  of the
         Istituto Idrografico della Marina Militare, the Hydrographic Insti-
         tute  that has been  the official nautical charting agency  of  the
         Italian Navy since its establishment in 1872.
PA     - Celebrating Christmas and the New Year, special callsigns  PA22XMAS
         and PD22SANTA will be active on 1-31 December,  while PD23HNY  will
         be QRV from  1 December  until mid-January.  QSL cards will not  be
         issued,  but  a  certificate  will be available  for download  (see
SV     - SX338M is the  special callsign  for members  of the  Radio Amateur
         Association of Western Peloponnese  to celebrate the  70th anniver-
         sary of the Hellenic Air Force's 338 Squadron on 1-31 December. QSL
         via LoTW and eQSL.
VU     - AU5LARC is the special callsign for the Lamakaan Amateur Radio Club
         of Hyderabad  (VU2LCH)  to mark the  5th edition  of  the  Lamakaan
         Annual Radio  Convention,  which  will be held  on  10-11  December
         (https://www.larc.in/larc5/). QSL via the bureau.
XE     - A team  of six  (Ismael XE1AY,  Javier XE1JKW,  Javier XE1JR,  Paty
         XE1SPM, Ricardo XE1SY  and Enrique XE2AA)  will be active  as  XF1S
         from Tiburon Island in the rare NA-167 IOTA Group  on 4-9 December.
         They will operate CW, SSB and digital modes on 160-6 metres and via
         satellite. QSL via Club Log's OQRS, or via IT9EJW. [TNX IT9EJW]
YJ     - Chris, VK2YUS will be  active again  as YJ0CA from  Efate (OC-035),
         Vanuatu on 1-9 December.  He will operate SSB on 40-10 metres.  QSL
         direct to VK2YUS. [TNX The Daily DX]

YOTA MONTH ---> The Youngsters On The Air group will  be active again during
the entire month of December. The idea for this event is to show the amateur
radio hobby to youth and to encourage  youngsters  to be active  on  the ham
radio waves. So far announced participants include stations from
  Bosnia & Herzegovina  E71YOTA
  Cyprus                5B4YOTA
  Czech republic        OL22YOTA
  Egypt                 SU8YOTA
  El Salvador           YS1YOTA
  Estonia               ES9YOTA
  Finland               OH2YOTA
  France                TM22YOTA, TM4YOTA
  Germany               DQ0YOTA
  Honduras              HQ2YOTA
  Hungary               HA6YOTA, HG0YOTA
  Ireland               EI0YOTA
  Italy                 II3YOTA, II5YOTA
  Japan                 8N2YOTA, 8N4YOTA
  Namibia               V55YOTA
  Poland                SN0YOTA
  Portugal              CQ7YOTA
  Republic of Korea     HL0YOTA
  Russia                R22YOTA
  Serbia                YT22YOTA
  Slovakia              OM22YOTA
  Sweden                SH9YOTA, SK8YOTA
  Switzerland           HB9YOTA
  The Netherlands       PA6YOTA, PD6YOTA
  United Kingdom        GB22YOTA
QSLs via Club Log's OQRS (direct or bureau). Information about the event and
the awards can be found on https://events.ham-yota.com/.

CQ WW DX CW CONTEST ---> The following stations have announced their  parti-
cipation in this year's event (26-27 November):
ZONE   CALL          CATEGORY     COUNTRY              QSL VIA    
02     VA2VT         SOAB LP      Canada               LoTW       
02     VE2IM         SOAB         Canada               LoTW/VE3DZ 
07     HO2T          SOAB HP      Panama               LoTW/KU9C  
07     HQ9X          M/2          Honduras             LoTW/KQ1F  
08     C6AGU         M/2          Bahamas              LoTW/HA7RY 
08     C6AQQ         SOSB LP      Bahamas              LoTW       
08     FG/VE3RSA     SOAB QRP     Guadeloupe           LoTW       
08     FS/K0CD       SOSB QRP     St Martin            K0CD       
08     KP2B          SOAB HP      U.S. Virgin Isls     LoTW/EB7DX 
08     KP3DX         SOAB HP      Puerto Rico          N4AO       
08     PJ7PL         SO           Sint Maarten         N2HX       
08     TO5Z          SOAB HP      Martinique           LoTW/N6GQ  
08     V26K          SOAB LP      Antigua & Barbuda    LoTW/AA3B  
08     V47T          SOAB HP      St. Kitts & Nevis    LoTW/W2RQ  
08     VP2MJA        SO           Montserrat           LoTW       
08     VP5Y          M/2          Turks & Caicos Isls  LoTW/M0URX 
08     WP3C          M/S LP       Puerto Rico          LoTW/M0OXO 
08     ZF1A          M/S          Cayman Isls          LoTW/K7ZO  
08     ZF2SS         SO           Cayman Isls          LoTW       
09     P44W          SOAB HP      Aruba                LoTW/N2MM  
09     P44X          M/2          Aruba                LoTW/DJ4MX 
09     PJ2T          M/M          Curacao              LoTW/W3HNK 
09     PJ4A          M/S          Bonaire              LoTW/K4BAI 
09     PJ4K          M/2          Bonaire              KU9C       
10     HC1DW         SO LP        Ecuador              LoTW/W0OR  
11     PT4A          M/S          Brazil               LoTW       
12     XR2K          SOSB 10m     Chile                LoTW/CE2ML 
14     EF6T          SOAB HP      Balearic Isls        LoTW       
14     GJ2A          SO LP        Jersey               LoTW       
14     GU4CHY        SOSB         Guernsey             GU4CHY     
14     LN8W          M/M          Norway               LA6YEA     
14     MW5B          SOSB 80m     Wales                LoTW       
14     OT7T          M/M          Belgium              ON4DS      
15     9H6WW         M/S LP       Malta                LoTW       
15     ES9UKR        M/S          Estonia              ES5RY      
15     IS0/OM2TW     SOSB 80m     Sardinia             OM2FY      
15     LY4A          M/?          Lithuania            LoTW       
15     SP8R          M/S          Poland               SP8R       
15     TK0C          M/2          Corsica              LoTW/S50C  
15     Z68EE         SOAB LP      Kosovo               LoTW/OZ2I  
19     RN1B/0        SOAB         AS Russia            RN1B       
21     4L2M          SOSB 40m HP  Georgia              EA7FTR     
21     4L8A          SOSB 10m     Georgia              LoTW/M0OXO 
21     4L9M          SOSB 160m    Georgia              LoTW/R3XA  
21     A44A          M/?          Oman                 LoTW/EC6DX 
22     9N7AA         SOAB HP      Nepal                LoTW/S57DX 
23     B0A           SOAB         China                BA4TB      
26     E2A           M/2          Thailand             LoTW/E21EIC
26     E2E           M/?          Thailand             E23NEZ     
26     E2X           M/?          Thailand             LoTW/E20GMY
27     AH2R          M/S          Guam                 LoTW       
27     DX8H                       Philippines          DX8H       
27     T88PB         SO           Palau                LoTW/JA0JHQ
28     7A2A          M/?          Indonesia            LoTW/YB2DX 
28     9M6NA         SOAB HP      East Malaysia        LoTW       
28     V85RH         SOAB HP      Brunei               LoTW       
29     VK6N          SOAB HP      Australia            LoTW       
29     VK6T          SOAB         Australia            EA7FTR     
31     KH7Q          SOSB 15m     Hawaii               AH6NF      
32     K8H           M/S          American Samoa       LoTW/W7YAQ 
32     ZL3X          M/2          New Zealand          LoTW       
32     ZM1A          M/?          New Zealand          LoTW       
32     ZM4T          M/?          New Zealand          LoTW       
33     IH9R          SOAB HP      AF Italy             IZ1GAR     
33     IH9YMC        SOSB         AF Italy             LoTW       
35     C56DF         SOSB 40m LP  Gambia               LoTW/G3XTT 
35     D4Z           M/?          Cape Verde           LoTW/IK2NCJ
35     TY5AF         M/S          Benin                LoTW       
37     7Q6M          SOSB 10m     Malawi               LoTW/K6ZO  
39     3B8M          M/M          Mauritius            LoTW/M0OXO 
39     3B9KW         SO           Rodrigues            LoTW       
40     JW7QIA        SO           Svalbard             LoTW/LA7QIA
40     OX7AM         SOAB         Greenland            LoTW/OZ1ACB
40     TF3SG         SOAB HP      Iceland              TF3SG      
Do not forget to give a look at the Announced Operations  listing maintained
by Bill, NG3K at  https://www.ng3k.com/Misc/cqc2022.html  -  good contest to
you all!

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

Access to the main functions of www.425dxn.org is provided by the 425DXN App
for Android. It is available on Google Play - free of charge, no ads. Enjoy!

CROZET 2022-23 ---> The "Marion Dufresne" is now scheduled  to leave Reunion
Island on 12 December, and  to reach Crozet on  20 December.  Thierry, F6CUK
reports that, "following the signing of the agreement with the TAAF", he has
been authorized to be QRV on the HF bands for  three weeks only,  between 20
December and 26 January.  In addition,  he will have to QRT for  "at least 5
hours" each day, "to allow the French Polar Institute to take measurements".
That being the case,  Thierry intends  to concentrate  his activity  on  2-3
bands  - 20 and/or 17 metres, and 30 metres at night -  in order  to give an
All Time New One  to  as many people  as possible.  "I have  not chosen  any
frequencies either", he says, "this will be discussed with the scientists on
site".  At all events, he has  already agreed with the  Bouvet team  that he
will operate FT8 on 10131 kHz, and he is aware of  the privileges granted to
the General US licence class on 20m.
No constraints  will be put on satellite activity,  and Thierry will be able
to operate  via QO-100  for the entire duration  of his stay  on the island.
Departure from Crozet will be around 25 March.
Thierry and  his team  are working  to secure permission  for  a longer  QRV
period on the HF bands;  he is in contact with  the IPEV  (the  French Polar
Institute Paul-Emile Victor),  but to date  he has  no information  about  a
possible extension.
As for the callsign, Thierry has applied for a  special callsign to mark the
60th anniversary of the first amateur radio activity from Crozet,  conducted
by Roger Baudelot, FB8WW, between December 1961 and February 1962. Thierry's
callsign  will be announced only  a few hours  before  he starts operations.
Bookmark http://crozet2022.r-e-f.org/news.html for updates.

T33KC & T33KK ---> While waiting for his  brand new callsign  (T33KK)  to be
issued by the Kiribati licencing authority,  operator  Kaam  has been QRV as
T33KC (the Rebel DX Group's secondary callsign for Banaba). Kaam "is a local
Banaba resident and emergency communication officer",  and the T33T team has
"set up  two towers  and  two antennas  for him for 20m and 40m.  He will be
everyday on 14.183 during the ANZA net,  and monitoring  7.163 at the local,
Banaba evening time". [Source: https://www.facebook.com/rebeldxgroup/]

THE DX BULLETIN ---> The Yasme Foundation has announced that the entire col-
lection of  "The DX Bulletin"  (1979-1986)  has been published  on the Yasme
website: https://www.yasme.org/dx-bulletin/.  Edited by Jim Cain, K1TN,  the
newsletter focused on DX news and related information. Yasme founders, Lloyd
and Iris Colvin, W6KG and W6QL,  used  TDXB for  news and updates  on  their
worldwide DXpeditions.  TDXB comprised  325 issues published  from 15 August
1979  to  28 February 1986,  and had  a circulation  of more  than 2000 sub-
scribers all over the world.

YOUTH ON THE AIR SUMMER CAMP ---> The third  Youth on the Air (YOTA)  summer
camp for young  radio amateurs  from the Americas will be held on 16-21 July
2023  at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. Online applications will be
accepted at  https://youthontheair.org/ starting on  1 December.  Applicants
must be licensed amateur radio operators  aged 15-25  and residing in North,
Central, or South America.


QSLs received direct or through managers: 4L2M, 4O9KOM, 4S7AB, 7X4AN, 9V1ZV,


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